The same price for everybody. If features don't cost us extra money why should it cost you?


  • $5/mo Billed Yearly

    $5 USD per month billed Annually. That is roughly $60 a year for unlimted email tracking for 5 email accounts.

  • Unlimited Email Tracking

    You will be able to track unlimited emails.

  • Email Tracker Stats

    Email Tracker stats will be available upon clicking the mail icon. These stats will display open times, devices used to open and IP addresses.

  • Dashboard Access

    Access to the user dashboard which allows you to view how many emails you have sent, and how many of those emails were opened.

  • Up to 5 Email Accounts

    With one subscription, you can add 5 seperate email accounts to your EmailTracker account.

  • Fast Customer Support

    24/7 Customer service.

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